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Proudly Canadian


Equipment Installations


About Us

We are passionate problem solvers looking to help you resolve your most complex wastewater problems. 

 ENV Treatment Systems Inc. begins and ends with customer service. Our team of experts can help you find the right solutions for your treatment needs. We specialize in modifications, replacements, and upgrades. No matter the application (primary, secondary or tertiary treatment), we can help you design and source the right equipment for your wastewater facility. You can count on us to deliver budget-conscious solutions that seamlessly integrate into your system.


ENV Equipment Line

We proudly represent the following quality wastewater product manufacturers:

- Aeration -     - Biofilters -     - Blowers -      - Clarifiers -     - Conveyors -     - Diffusers -     - Grinders -     - Headworks -  

- Membrane -   - Mixing -   - Odour Control -   - Pumps -    - Pumping Stations -    - Screening -   - Tanks -   - Sludge Processing - ​​​​​​​​​​

ENV Process


We understand that every project is unique and has specific parameters. Through on-site visits or other inspection, we can successfully gather the information needed to solve your wastewater treatment issues or concerns.


Once we understand your project specifications, our engineers get to work. We can develop an optimized plan to fit your project parameters and budget. 


With the design completed, we start manufacturing right away. Our trained technicians will assist with on-site installation and provide step-by-step operations and upkeep training.


When wastewater equipment issues occur, swift resolution is key. Our expert engineers can promptly solve on-site problems to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Water is one of our most precious resources.  


We understand water's importance at ENV Treatment Systems Inc. and have spent over 25 years specializing in curating custom wastewater treatment solutions. We represent an expansive list of manufacturers that pride themselves on producing innovative treatment solutions. We cover every stage of the wastewater treatment process, covering all the needs of municipalities, property developers, and our industrial partners.


Parts & Service

We Service What We Sell!

Avoid challenging downtimes and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Contact us today for proactive maintenance, field service help, and quality OEM replacement parts. 



We pride ourselves on providing a proactive approach to servicing our customer’s wastewater equipment. Contact us for periodic inspections and keep your equipment running at peak performance. 



The right parts and services provide a lifeline when your equipment goes down. Maintain peak operations and efficiencies by replacing worn parts. 



Need to service or repair equipment? Our certified technicians can provide field maintenance and quick part installation to get you up and running. 

Where We Operate

We are a proudly Canadian company, delivering safe, cost-effective and sustainable wastewater solutions to communities across Canada. 

Our head office is located in Etobicoke, Ontario, and our manufacturing office is located in Brampton, Ontario. 


Contact Us


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Fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Get a quote: (416) 503-7639

Office Locations

Head Office

70 High Street

Etobicoke, ON  M8Y 3N9


Manufacturing Office

83 Nuggett Court

Brampton, ON  L6T 5A9


Tel: (416) 503-7639

Fax: (416) 503-8925


+ We are always available for consultation or additional parts and services.

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